Welcome to the St. Ignatius STEM Club
The Imagineers

Welcome! We are forming a year long STEM club starting for 3rd to 8th graders of St. Ignatius, called the Imagineers.

Our club will cover multiple aspects of STEM including robotics, programming, mechanical devices, electronics, and chemistry (focus areas may change). Along with the technical aspects of the program, emphasis will be placed on lab books, teamwork, mentoring, and the engineering design process.

Our goal is to build a club for both boys and girls that will allow them to use their imaginations and creativity to effectively solve challenging problems. Along with the work in the club, we will look for ways to challenge the students in a competitive manner, such as First Lego League, Science Competitions, Etc.

Club. An "Imagineer" is a person who is skilled in devising or implementing creative ideas.

The activities of the club will partially based on the desires of the Imagineers. The first portion of the year will focus in robotics and the theme for the FLL competition. For this year the theme is energy so these will be our focus areas until Christmas break.

The remainder of will driven more by the Imagineers. Several themes we could do are, 3D design and 3D printing, rockets, Space/Astronomy, circuit and electrical design, mechanical machines, chemistry, etc.

Tools. The basic tools of the Imagineers will consist of a traditional lab notebook and a Chromebook. They will use these tools to run all the programs they need and to document the experiments and designs they create. The school will provide the Chromebooks and each student will provide a lab notebook (back and white bound with grid paper).

The list of additional tools and programs will grow as the program progresses.

  • Lego Spike Prime robotics set. Used for programming, logic, and robotics.

  • Scratch programming using block code. This is used with the Lego kits and it can be accessed here. https://spike.legoeducation.com/

  • Onshape CAD Program. Will be used to teach basic 3D design for use with 3D printers. Requires student to create a free educational account. https://www.onshape.com.

Calendar. See the calendar below for when the Imagineers meet, when Mentor meet or have training, for additional FLL meetings, and for FLL competitions.

First Lego League Challenge Links:

FLL Challenge Overview

FLL Challenge Resource Library

FLL Multimedia Resources

Mission Video

First Inspires Dashboard. For signing up or joining a team.

First Idaho Robotics, Idaho coordinator for FLL.

Idaho Stem Action Center. State sponsored STEM resources.

https://primelessons.org/en/ . First Lego Lego League Samples and Demos.

https://www.youtube.com/c/Builderdude35 Weekly robotic tutorials.

https://www.youtube.com/c/crashcoursekids Engineering and science kids videos.

https://www.youtube.com/c/scishowkids Engineering and science kids videos.